Case Study – Christchurch

Bespoke frontage property in Christchurch, Dorset

“This property is a bespoke sea frontage property, comprising of various flats built within the last ten years on the outskirts of Christchurch.

The exterior render is a rough caste which was initially coated in a traditional exterior masonry paint. 

Unfortunately, due to the extreme weathering during the winter months, the initial paint system was not suitable and had begun to break down, allowing a mould ingress to penetrate the stippled render, making certain areas unsightly.

Avalon Decor were instructed to advise on a more durable paint system to ensure a greater longevity.

Two factors we had to consider were – The time of year that the project was due to commence and obviously to provide an exceptional protection that would last.

In order to provide a competitive quote Avalon Decor suggested that the more sheltered elevations be cleaned with an anti fungicidal agent and re painted in a Dulux Weathershield Maximum Exposure smooth masonry. While on the more exposed elevations – Due to the on going showers at the time of year – we chose a Dulux Weathershield All Seasons smooth masonry paint system – which is shower resistant within 15 minutes and recoatable after 1-2 hours.

The beauty of providing both systems/options was that we were able to reduce the overall cost of materials – While also providing a coating that resists flaking and cracking and can be jet washed to remove mould without damaging the paint system for 15 years.”