Case Study – Ferndown

Mock Georgian Properties in Ferndown, Dorset

“This is an example of a series of Mock Georgian properties situated on a development in Ferndown.

Built in the 1970’s – each property has an exterior wooden surround and a Hardwood Front Door with a masonry rendered Porch – which we have repaired and repainted in a Sandtex Smooth Masonry paint system.

The woodwork of the exterior surround had begun to deteriorate in many areas, requiring a combination of remedial carpentry repairs and removing any areas of Wood Rot before treating with a Ronseal Wet Rot Hardener and re building with a Ronseal 2 pack filler.

Historically the exterior woodwork had been re decorated in a combination of paint systems – with mixed results. 

The problem has been: Where a water based Albany QD Primer/Undercoat had been used on an existing oil/solvent based veneer which will not adhere after using a oil based gloss.

Therefore, we removed all of the flaking paintwork and sanded all woodwork thoroughly to provide a “key” and re applied a solvent based undercoat upon the existing gloss.

This was left to “cure” for 12 hrs before we finished in a Dulux High White Gloss which initially has a “Blueish” hue in order to reflect light and create a longer lasting Brilliant White Finish”