Case Study – Fordingbridge

Feature wall in Fordingbridge, Hampshire

Avalon Decor’s remit was to create a feature wall in wallpaper and re decorate the existing walls and woodwork for a contemporary new build on the out skirts of Fordingbridge.

We began by firstly preparing all surfaces with a light sanding to both walls and woodwork, ensuring a perfectly smooth base surface.

After sanding, the walls were given a coat in white using an Albany Coverplus to highlight any further blemishes and to seal various areas of new plastering. This enabled us to see and fill any holes and cracks which were then filled using a Quick Drying Polyfilla – and by sanding – this also provided a “key” for the feature wall to be hung in a Sanderson Wallpaper.

The Client chose a Farrow and Ball colour for the walls – but required a finished surface that was a bit more durable than the “chalky” finish offered by a traditional Farrow and Ball.

Therefore, we suggested using a Johnstone’s product in an Acrylic Matt – which could be cleaned -with the added bonus that Johnstone”s can match any Farrow and Ball colour -offering a cheaper and more durable option.

The existing woodwork was cleaned and re painted in a water based Dulux Satinwood for two reasons:

A. The Client was an asthmatic and vulnerable to strong fumes


B. A Dulux Satinwood tends to stay whiter than more traditional paints on the market.

Finally the feature wall was hung in a Sanderson Wallpaper